WP16: IT String & Commissioning

The hardware modification needed for HL-LHC will include the new powerful SC magnets with their powering system and the associated protections and ancillary equipment (cryogenics, vacuum, diagnostics, etc.). All these will require an extensive commissioning, to prove their functionalities and reliability.

The hardware commissioning activity will then be focused on:

  • The preparation of detailed procedures for the qualification of the superconducting circuits and the protection functionalities

  • The preparation and execution of procedures for the individual system test, for the power converters, the quench protection and the interlock systems

  • The execution of a short circuit tests campaign to validate the powering chain (power converters, water cooled-cables, water and ventilation systems)

  • The definition of the parameters for the electrical quality assessment before and at nominal cryogenic conditions

  • The execution of the powering tests, with the final validation of the superconducting circuits, the powering and interlocking chain, plus the check of the cryogenics performance (current leads on DFBs included)

The coordination and collaboration with experts from the different systems will be essential. Also the interface and collaboration with the members of other packages will be pursued, in particular with WP3WP6WP7WP9 and WP11. The WPs will eventually also adapt the methods of the SC magnet circuit HWC also to other equipment like CC (WP4).