Rules of publication

If you wish to submit a HiLumi LHC document on the CERN Document Server (CDS), please contact the secretariat of your WP coordinator:

Please prepare your draft document and send it to the secretariat in charge of your WP (see list above). The document will be submitted after the secretary obtains the written approval from your task leader, and/or WP coordinator depending on the type of document:

  • * for a report, an academic dissertation, a journal publication, a conference paper, the approval of both the task leader and WP coordinator is necessary.
  • for a note or a presentation, the task leader and WP coordinator will only be notified once the submission is complete.

A HiLumi LHC cover page will automatically be created and appended to your document by CDS after the file is uploaded.

Note: Please make sure to convert any file to PDF before submitting any HiLumi LHC publication to CDS otherwise the cover page featuring the proper references will not be created.

* for CERN authors: the responsibility of the content is with the department head of the main author, and thus also requires his approval.

Should you wish to publish or present a document before its submission to CDS, you may use the HiLumi LHC templates on the Internal space and in any case, please make sure that it features the required acknowledgement text.