The Crab Cavity teams celebrate a key milestone

Wednesday, 7 March, 2018

A festive event took place in the Globe on Wednesday 7th March to celebrate the successful completion and installation of the first cryo-module of the Crab Cavity system project and the newly prepared cryogenic test facility in the SPS.

"After more than two years of restless effort, the first complete cryo-module of the Crab Cavity system has been completed and installed in the new test stand in SPS BA6. This marks a real turning point in the Crab Cavity project for High Luminosity LHC, since after so many years of computations, design and construction of cell prototypes and various components, and following the terrific effort for the assembly, first test in SM18 at 2 K and installation in SPS, we are now ready to start operating a crab cavity on a proton beam, for the first time ever". Lucio Rossi, HL-LHC Project Leader