Opening the HRMT-45 module by means of a robot

Tuesday, 4 December, 2018

After having undergone several high intensity beam impacts at the HiRadMat facility in August, the TDIS HRMT-45 module was disassembled in November by the EN/STI-TCD and EN/SMM-MRO teams in the bunker 867-R-P58 for the post-irradiation analysis. The ultimate goal is to verify that all the equipment components remain fully functional after the high thermomechanical loads they were subjected to during the experiment. Such loads were equivalent to those likely to occur inside the TDIS during future operation with HiLumi beams. Given the significant radioactivity of the module, some dismantling activities are to be performed by means of robots in order to minimize the dose taken by personnel. The robot appearing in the picture is the in-house developed CERNbot, which was able to unfasten the tank upstream and downstream transitions while being operated remotely from another room. This was possible partly thanks to some robot-friendly solutions implemented in the TDIS HRMT-45 design agreed with MRO. The next step following to the tank opening is the metrology of the jaws, which flatness level measurement is expected to return similar values with respect to the pre-test condition. More pictures are available in CDS.