What is HiLumi?

The High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) is an upgrade of the LHC to achieve instantaneous luminosities a factor of five larger than the LHC nominal value, thereby enabling the experiments to enlarge their data sample by one order of magnitude compared with the LHC baseline programme. Following five years of design study and R&D, this challenging project requires now about ten years of developments, prototyping, testing and implementation; hence operation is expected to start in the middle of the next decade. The timeline of the project is dictated by the fact that, at the beginning of the next decade, many critical components of the accelerator will reach the end of their lifetime due to radiation damage and will thus need to be replaced. The upgrade phase is therefore crucial not only for the full exploitation of the LHC physics potential, but also to enable operation of the collider beyond 2025.

The HL-LHC will rely on a number of key innovative technologies, including cutting-edge 11-12 Tesla superconducting magnets, compact superconducting crab cavities with ultra-precise phase control for beam rotation, new technology for beam collimation, high-power, loss-less superconducting links, etc. A detailed description of the project and its technological and operational challenges is provided in the HL-LHC Technical Design Report  and the HL-LHC book.

Some members of the HL-LHC project team in front of the shaft being excavated for the High Luminosity LHC project at Point1, on 16 November 2018 (Image: Milton Morais/CERN). High Luminosity LHC civil engineering work: FAQ

HiLumi Photo Contest 2018: The Beauty of Engineering

Jury members: Isabel Bejar Alonso, Benoit Delille, Didier Steyaert, Nicolas Peray

The artists are: Adria Gallifa Terricabras, Andrea Musso, Arnaud Monteuuis, Beatriz Almeida Ferreira, Beatriz Arias Alonso, Bjorn Hans Filip Lindstrom, Cedric Garion, Erwin Van Hove, Frida Maria Eriksson, Giulio Stancari, Jakub Aleksander Jaros, Joshua Herrera, Jean-Frederic Fuchs, Marco Morrone, Marco Statera, Miguel Mendes, Michel Pangallo, Ofelia Capatina, Pablo Santos Diaz, Paolo Fessia, Rita Ferreira, Simon François Cherault, Slawosz Uznanski, Thomas Lipton.

and the Winners are.....