2022 USPAS Early-Career Award to Rama Calaga

2022 USPAS Early-Career Award to Rama Calaga


Rama Calaga next to the Double Quarter Wave (DQW) cavity, on the left, and the RF-dipole cavity, on the right (Image: Irene Garcia Obrero)

Rama Calaga, HL-LHC WP4 Leader, has been awarded the 2022 USPAS Prize for Achievement in Accelerator Science and Technology for his outstanding leadership bringing the crab cavities in hadron colliders from concept to reality and for the first demonstration of crabbing on a hadron beam.

Of the three prizes awarded every three years, Rama received the Early-Career Award, which is given to a scientist under the age of 45.

Congratulations, Rama!

More about crab cavities: link.