HiLumi 3D

HiLumi 3D

HiLumi3D is a vitual reality (VR) platform that allows you to navigate through an early design of some of the future infrastructures of the HL-LHC Project

The HL-LHC (High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider, sometimes abbreviated as HiLumi) is a major upgrade of the LHC machine, one of the largest scientific instruments ever built. The main objective is to increase the luminosity (rate of collisions) by a factor of ten by the year 2027, and to continue exploring the mysteries of our Universe. HiLumi represents an exceptional technological challenge that will be overcome with cutting-edge technologies. The HiLumi3D app currently allows you to explore an artistic view of two different areas:

  • The future surface buildings around Point 5, in Cessy (France)
  • The future service gallery meant to host some of the new HiLumi technical equipment

This is just a first glimpse, our first ideas. You will discover the final results in the coming years. This app is developed as a collaboration between CERN and the Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapin AMK).


HiLumi3D, towards a luminous future



How to use the HiLumi3D app


We have tried to make HiLumi3D as friendly and easy as possible. Should you encounter any difficulty, you can always check the HiLumi3D manual.

For a quick preview, you can download the video and the screensaver


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