Construction of 11Tesla Dipole short prototype completed

Construction of 11Tesla Dipole short prototype completed


11Tesla Dipole project team (Image: CERN)

The construction of the 11Tesla Dipole short prototype magnet, designated as MBHDP301, has been completed. This magnet has been meticulously built, incorporating the mitigations recommended by the March 2021 task force.The project team primarily consists of members of the TE-MSC group, with strong collaborations from the TE-VSC and EN-MME groups.

The primary objective in developing this prototype is to assess new features in a twin-aperture model magnet with two independently powered apertures. Since no virgin coils are available, the magnet was assembled using previously utilized coils. The project aims to implement a set of "conservative" improvements in one of the apertures, while employing a more "innovative" solution in the other. Currently, the magnet is undergoing testing at the Cluster D test bench in SM18.

The goal of the project is to implement these improvements in a long magnet, which is starting its construction phase. Four unused coils from series production are used for this purpose.

The findings from this project hold significant potential for advancing the field of magnet technology. They not only contribute to current understanding but also provide valuable insights that can serve as a basis for developing more efficient and powerful superconducting magnets in the future.

By Carmen Abad Cabrera and Diego Perini, on behalf of WP11