DFHX prototype validation

DFHX prototype validation

WP6A team

WP6A team with the assembled cryostat without current leads

The DFHX prototype is being validated at CERN.

The innovative DFHX cryostat, which will host 19 current leads and their electrical interconnection with the MgB2 superconducting link, has been the focus of intensive activity in SMI2, where a trial assembly and vacuum leak test of the first unit has been completed. WP6a gratefully acknowledge the support of EN/MME design and manufacturing teams, and the Uppsala University with their industrial partner RFR Solutions.

The cryostat is scheduled to be reassembled at SM18 in the coming months, where it will be one part of the HL-LHC Cold Powering prototype system test, and later installed at the IT String.

By Paul Cruikshank, WP6A Deputy Leader