JTT installation completed

JTT installation completed

VT support installation A-side installation (Image: Oliver Boettcher – HL-LHC WP8)

VT support installation A-side installation (Image: Oliver Boettcher)

Exactly one week after installing the first JTT on ATLAS A-side (August 12th), the second JTT on the C-side was also successfully completed on August 19th. These achievements were the product of intensive activity coordination and a high level of commitment of all contributing teams over the last few months. Just the day before, the VT supports installation was completed using the Minivan platform on the A-side.

The installation team uses specific jacks to glide the JTTs into their final position. Once the JTT is adjusted to the right position on the Minivan rails, it takes about an hour for the team to fully push the piece into the ATLAS end cup toroid. What sounds like a smooth process requires, however, a lot of collective experience, good preparation, and adequate tooling. In this case, the custom-built Minivan and special handling components were necessary to position, pull-out and push-in the 11 tons JTT pieces safely and smoothly.

The new JTTs make the ATLAS open configuration compatible during HL-LHC YETS for HL-LHC configuration. Thanks to the strong commitment and collaboration of many people in ATLAS, WP12, TE-VSC, EN-HE, HSE-RP and WP8 the replacement of JTTs was advanced from LS3.

The JTT pieces have followed a long journey from its conception and manufacturing in Pakistan to the heart of ATLAS ECT where they will remain in place, as dismantling is not foreseen in the future.


Left: JTT A-side installation (Image: Francisco Sanchez-Galan); Right: JTT C-side installation terminated (Image: Jean-Louis Grenard)

By Oliver Boettcher and Francisco Sanchez-Galan, WP8.