Progress of civil engineering works at HiLumi Points 1 & 5

Progress of civil engineering works at HiLumi Points 1 & 5

UR55 gallery final lining

UR55 gallery final lining (Image: Z. Arenas)

The HL-LHC underground and surface works continue at Point 1 and Point 5.

At Point 1, the final lining in the US/UW17 has now been completed following the casting of the final lining in all UR/UA/UL galleries, including both UPR connections to the LHC tunnel.
The waterproofing has been applied in the PM17 shaft and the sliding formwork is currently being installed to cast the final lining in one continuous operation (24/7) as of next week.
At the surface, both SF17 and SHM17 buildings are being fitted out with interior acoustic insulation and awaiting skylights and façade louvers.

At Point 5, the final lining is completed in the main UR55 gallery and the teams are now concentrating on completing the final lining of the US/UW57 cavern. 
Concrete works are approaching the end for building SF57 and waterproofing is ongoing on building SHM 57. 
Site installations are mutating with the dismantling of the PM57's temporary shelter.
After that, the construction area will be free to install the special foundations of the SD, SE and SU57 buildings as of April 2021.

By Zacharie Arenas and Milton Morais, SCE-PPM

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