Rope rescue exercise at HL-LHC Point 1

Rope rescue exercise at HL-LHC Point 1

group photo

Members of the CERN Fire Brigade who carried out the rope rescue exercise at HL-LHC Point 1 (Image: Henry de Maynard)

On Saturday 15th October, a rope rescue exercise was carried out by seven members of the CERN Fire Brigade in the PM17 shaft at HL-LHC Point 1. In order to optimize the caring efficiency of an accident victim, the CERN Fire Brigade conducts regular on-site exercises. Before the start of works in the shaft and underground galleries of HL-LHC Point 1, the Fire Brigade wanted to conduct an exercise in real conditions to appropriate the site, test its equipment and train the new arrivals.

Before starting the exercise, a dummy was positioned at the bottom of the well almost 80 meters lower. At the beginning, two firefighters went down the stairs and walked 400 steps to provide first aid to the victim. Meanwhile, the other five firefighters prepared the equipment (ropes and winches) to evacuate the victim through the shaft. Once the victim was put on a stretcher, one firefighter clung to the ropes with the victim. The victim’s impressive ascent exercise was able to start. After a few minutes of dizzying ascent, the victim (dummy) and the firefighter were greeted on the surface by the other members of the Fire Brigade.

This exercise was a great success, and another will be carried out shortly at HL-LHC Point 5, and probably others. We warmly thank the CERN Fire Brigade.

By Henry de Maynard, HL-LHC WP17