Visit to HL-LHC Point 5

Visit to HL-LHC Point 5

HL-LHC visitors

HL-LHC visitors in the US57/UW57 cavern (Image: Irene Garcia Obrero)

On Friday 12 November, several HL-LHC members, including work package leaders and HLPO staff, visited the HL-LHC civil engineering works at Point 5 (Cessy, France), next to the CMS experiment, to see the latest progress.

The visit, which lasted approximately two hours, was guided by Zacharie Arenas, HL-LHC P5 Site Supervisor, and Amélie Meyer, Project Engineer.

They showed the attendees the new underground structures, which consist of an 80-metre-deep shaft, an underground service cavern which will house, in particular, cryogenic and cooling & ventilation equipment, a 300-metre-long gallery for electrical powering equipment (power converters and electrical feed boxes) and four transversal galleries of about 50 meters in length connecting the new structures to the LHC accelerator tunnel. These will house specific hardware, such as radiofrequency and cold-powering equipment.

Attendees descended to the shaft area via a temporary lift and were able to visit the cavern and galleries such as US57/UW57, UR55, UA53&57, UL53&57.

Finally, they visited the surface buildings SU57 (due for completion on 24.08.2022), SD57 and SE57 (both due for completion on 1.12.2022), which will house the cooling and ventilation equipment as well as cryogenic and electrical equipment.

A similar visit will take place on Wednesday 17 November, also guided by Zacharie and Amélie.

By Irene Garcia Obrero.


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