WP3 Bees

WP3: IR MAGNETSHalf Height


There are magnets beyond those we put on our fridge. Electromagnets, superconducting magnets, dipole magnets, quadrupole magnets…

At the LHC, there are more than 50 types of magnets, in charge of keeping the particles inside complex paths.

The bees working in this cell are responsible for the new HiLumi magnets that need to be more powerful to focus the particle bunches just before they collide in the experiments. They are in charge of their design, construction, interconnection and installation in the accelerator. They monitor the whole process, detecting the failures that arise and solving them.

Like magnets, the WP3 bees have two poles, one at the end of each wing. Every day, they join differently to attract each other, and thus also attract their goals.

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