WP5 Bees



WP5 bees are in charge of the upgrade of the LHC collimation system. They will design and manufacture the new collimation devices. Why collimation? Because it removes stray particles from the machine before they can hit sensitive equipment. Collimators are, therefore, the brave protectors of the LHC. These bees define the locations, materials and dimensions of collimators and absorbers in the LHC machine.

And, what makes the collimation system so essential? The fact that it is necessary to cope with the key objectives of the HL-LHC project: the increased beam current and beam brilliance as well as the smaller colliding beams size and the larger instantaneous and integrated luminosity in ATLAS and CMS.

These bees are working hand in hand with bees from Russia and WP2 and WP15 bees.


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