Demo 3, a new successful milestone for the WP6A team

Demo 3, a new successful milestone for the WP6A team

WP6A Demo 3

Following on from the success of Demo 2, the validation of the Demo3 cold powering configuration, with the superconducting MgB2 cables for the HL-LHC D2 magnet and its correctors, has also passed with great success. The 18 kA and 600 A circuits were powered under representative operational conditions, paving the way to release the series production of the MgB2 cable (Image: A. Ballarino, CERN).

After the successful qualification, in September 2020, of the prototype Cold Powering System for the HL-LHC Triplets (WP6A Demo2), the cold powering system for the HL-LHC Matching Sections has successfully been qualified at CERN (WP6A Demo 3). Both systems incorporate 60 m long power transmission lines based on MgB2 cables and superconducting current leads made with REBCO High Temperature Superconductor. The systems transferred a total quasi-DC current of 2 × 60 kA, for the Triplets, and 2 × 22.4 kA for the Matching Sections, with MgB2 and REBCO superconductors at temperatures as high as 31 K and 50 K, respectively. Transient conditions, including fast power aborts and electro-magnetic compatibility of cables powered simultaneously with different ramp rates as well as low-resistance joints between MgB2 and REBCO and between MgB2 and Nb-Ti, were fully validated. In the meantime, the production of more than 1000 km of MgB2 wire was completed in industry. Moreover, cabling in industry of the series MgB2 cables for the HL-LHC SC Links has been launched.

By A. Ballarino, WP6A Leader.

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