A delicate maneuver

The WP8 team successfully extracted the JTT from the ATLAS detector on 11 January!


The year of the crab

Tests carried out in 2018 on two crab cavities in the SPS validated their technical principle and many operating parameters, CERN Bulletin.



A new step for High-Luminosity LHC

During a public visit, the HL-LHC collaborators saw the progress on the civil engineering works, where in that moment the excavations had reached 30 metres at Point 1 and 25 metres at Point 5, Accelerating News | Issue #27.


QUACO Phase-3 starts now

Mockups from Sigmaphi, Elytt and Antec. (Image: QUACO). Full details in Accelerating News | Issue #27


Load test in SX1

A 'loaded' start to the year for HiLumi. Before the JTT extraction next week in the ATLAS cavern, a WP8 team performs load tests (18.4 tons) in the SX1.


QUACO cited by the European Commission as a successful Horizon 2020 project

Unique magnets to supercharge the world's largest particle accelerator, European Commission website.


A brand-new beam screen to cope with high luminosity

The beam screen for the High-Luminosity LHC will be installed by 2024 in the aperture of the inner triplet superconducting magnets near ATLAS and CMS, CERN Updates.


Opening the HRMT-45 module by means of a robot

After having undergone several high intensity beam impacts at the HiRadMat facility in August, the TDIS HRMT-45 module was disassembled in November by the EN/STI-TCD and EN/SMM-MRO teams in the bunker 867-R-P58 for the post-irradiation analysis.


More powerful protectors for higher luminosity

Developed as an upgrade of the current TDI (target dump injection) located at point 2 and point 8 of the accelerator, the TDIS will provide a higher intensity absorption capability for the High-Luminosity LHC, CERN News.


High-Luminosity LHC: we’re halfway there

The HL-LHC annual meeting, held on 15 October, had a particular significance this year: we’re halfway between the beginning of the project in 2010 and the scheduled start-up of the machine for physics in 2026...,