Promising second mock-up coil for the MQYY magnet

Second mock-up coil for the MQYY magnet after winding and polymerization. 


Successful tests of canted correctors for HL-LHC

In addition to the dipole and quadrupole magnets that guide and focus the charged particles, corrector magnets are used to cure imperfections in the magnets and compensate for alignment errors, Accelerating News<


New life for an old technology: canted cosine theta magnets

In the HL-LHC, two 2-metre-long canted cosine theta magnets will be positioned near the insertion region of the ATLAS and CMS experiments and will be used as corrector magnets, CERN Bulletin


The crown jewel of the HL-LHC magnets

The new quadrupole magnets are being developed in the framework of a collaboration between CERN and the LHC-AUP (LHC Accelerator Upgrade Project) consortium, which involves three US laboratories. CERN Bulletin


Prototype HL-LHC magnet

Prototype HL-LHC magnet undergoes testing, CERN Bulletin.


Issue 16 Accelerating News

Issue 16 of Accelerating News is out featuring the latest on the 11T and LASA-INFN corrector magnets