QUACO Phase-3 starts now

Mockups from Sigmaphi, Elytt and Antec. (Image: QUACO). Full details in Accelerating News | Issue #27


Load test in SX1

A 'loaded' start to the year for HiLumi. Before the JTT extraction next week in the ATLAS cavern, a WP8 team performs load tests (18.4 tons) in the SX1.


QUACO cited by the European Commission as a successful Horizon 2020 project

Unique magnets to supercharge the world's largest particle accelerator, European Commission website.


A brand-new beam screen to cope with high luminosity

The beam screen for the High-Luminosity LHC will be installed by 2024 in the aperture of the inner triplet superconducting magnets near ATLAS and CMS, CERN Updates.


Opening the HRMT-45 module by means of a robot

After having undergone several high intensity beam impacts at the HiRadMat facility in August, the TDIS HRMT-45 module was disassembled in November by the EN/STI-TCD and EN/SMM-MRO teams in the bunker 867-R-P58 for the post-irradiation analysis.


More powerful protectors for higher luminosity

Developed as an upgrade of the current TDI (target dump injection) located at point 2 and point 8 of the accelerator, the TDIS will provide a higher intensity absorption capability for the High-Luminosity LHC, CERN News.


High-Luminosity LHC: we’re halfway there

The HL-LHC annual meeting, held on 15 October, had a particular significance this year: we’re halfway between the beginning of the project in 2010 and the scheduled start-up of the machine for physics in 2026..., 


Halfway to high luminosity

The High-Luminosity LHC has reached its halfway point. The second-generation LHC project was launched eight years ago and is scheduled to start up in 2026, eight years from now. CERN Updates


Power tests of HL-LHC quadrupole

In July, the fourth short model of the Nb3Sn quadrupole for the HL-LHC interaction regions was tested in SM18, Accelerating News #26.


D2-CCT orbit corrector test

Today the CERN prototype 2.2 m CCT was lowered into the cluster D test cryostat. Cold testing should start next week.