WP1: Project Management

WP1: Project Management



  • Definition of scope and technology of the project.
  • Effective management and coordination of all Work Packages and various collaborations.
  • Follow up of budget and plan.

Technical Coordination Committee

  • Set up and manage the Technical Coordination Committee to discuss and approve the baseline and its modifications.

Quality Assurance Plan

  • Install and endorse a strict QA plan for the project.


  • Assure that safety, and environmental responsibility, is built-in in the design phase at each level, and followed up during the construction phase, with particular care of radiological effects and long-term operation and dismantling issues.

Liaison with Detector and Injector Upgrades

  • Assure the coherence of the project with strong ties with LHC detector upgrades project and LHC injector upgrades project (LIU).

Dissemination of Information, Industry outreach

  • Dissemination of information and innovation inside and outside the member of the project and in particular to Industry.