WP15: Integration & (De-) Installation

WP15: Integration & (De-) Installation


The WP15 has the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinating the study of the integration of the various technical equipment that are planned to be installed in the frame of the HL-LHC upgrade. This covers:
    1. The LHC tunnel,
    2. The new underground volumes to be excavated in Point 1 and Point 5,
    3. The SD building on surface,
    4. The Point 4 areas (surface and underground) which need modifications in the HL-LHC frame.

For other buildings, the WP will be in charge of counterchecking the coherence of the integration under the responsibility of the specific building owners. Via integration the WP will verify the coherence of the technical choices among them and with the HL-LHC project in terms of technical objectives, installation plans and cost optimization. The WP shall put in evidence possible upcoming issues especially, but not only, of compatibility with the LHC status, and propose solutions. The WP leader will be the link person of the project to the CERN unit in charge of the integration lay-out and to the various units in charge of providing general service and support in the above mentioned environments.

  • Coordinating the study for the de-installation of present LHC equipment that needs to be removed for HL-LHC. Defining the relevant strategy, the related implementation sequence and coordinating the implementation, interfacing with the general project planning. The responsibility ends with the de-installed object delivered on surface.
  • Coordinating the study for installation of various equipment for HL-LHC defining the strategy, installation phasing and the related implementation sequence including the actual implementation. WP 15 will interface with the general project planning. This applies to the areas of responsibility as listed in the first point (from 1 to 4). The responsibility of the WP starts with the reception of the equipment to be installed at the surface of the relevant SDs building (for installation in the SD itself or in the LHC tunnel or the in newly constructed underground areas). The technical assembly phases (as magnet interconnection, cryogenic line connection, crab cavity connection, SC link installation and connection,…) are responsibility of the of related technical WPs, but under the general coordination of WP15 which will ensure interface with the general project planning.
  • Providing support to the WP17 to identify the needs of technical infrastructure, including civil engineering, and participating with WP17 and with the relevant technical groups in defining the proposals to the Project Leader and to the CERN management for cost-effective long terms solutions.
  • Hosting the survey task ensuring its coordination with the other technical WPs and the necessary space and accessibility to guarantee their functioning during installation and operation of the HL-LHC.

The WP15 leader shall be part of the HL-LHC Project Office.