WP15: Integration & (De-) Installation

WP15: Integration & (De-) Installation

WP15 takes charge of the validation of technical choices within the project in terms of technical objectives, installation plans and cost optimization. The WP leader is the link person of the Project with CERN units in charge of the integration and lay-out. For the SE/SF/SHM/SU new buildings, WP15 counterchecks the coherence of the integration under responsibility of the specific building owners. WP15 shall intercept upcoming issues with the existing LHC and new HL-LHC equipment and infrastructures and propose solutions.

The work package develops and coordinates the de-installation studies of present LHC equipment, defining the relevant strategies, the sequence of activities, and coordinates the implementation of these strategies and interfaces with the general planning teams. Furthermore, it develops and coordinates the installation studies of new HL-LHC equipment, defining strategies, installation phases and sequences, including the global resources analysis and estimation, and their compatibility with the overall LHC schedule and shutdown plans. WP15 will interface with the general planning and the general coordination units.

WP15 additionally hosts the activities on alignment and internal metrology. This includes the development of new technologies for the internal monitoring and the Full Remote Alignment of the HL-LHC components, their procurement, qualification, preparation and installation. It provides the required support through the Project concerning standard alignment during the different assembly phases to the marking, pre-alignment and smoothing of the components.

The work package furthermore defines the HL-LHC transport installation strategy and ensures its feasibility. It takes charge of the related engineering studies and develops the matching technical solutions in close collaboration with the concerned technical groups and WPs.

Support is provided to WP17 and the relevant technical groups to identify the needs of technical infrastructure and civil engineering, while optimizing proposals for cost-effectiveness and long-term maintainability.