WP2: Accelerator Physics & Performance

WP2: Accelerator Physics & Performance

The work package develops and defines operational scenarios and layout options in collaboration with the relevant work packages, as well as the underlying optics and layout configurations and their integration into the nominal cycle for both, proton and ion operation of the HL-LHC.

The work package evaluates in close collaboration with the experiments the overall performance reach in terms of integrated luminosity and beam lifetime. Following operational experience and lessons learned with present LHC operation, the work package develops mitigation strategies, including alternative scenarios, for potential intensity limitations or when nominal beam and configuration parameters, such as beta*, transverse and/or longitudinal emittance, beam lifetime or the average turnaround time and length of physics fills parameters, cannot be reached.

The work of WP2 also includes the validation of new hardware designs and their placement along the beamline, including their effect on aperture, impedance, electron cloud and beam-beam effects. Tolerances relevant for the performance of the hardware systems, such as field quality, alignment precision, power converter noise, crab cavity noise and beam instrumentation precision are specified in conjunction with the relevant work-packages and equipment teams.

Finally, the work package will define the optics measurement and commissioning strategies and validate and propose the main operational parameters of HL-LHC for approval by the project.

The WP Leader and deputy are charged with the coordinator of the efforts within the work package and ensure, in conjunction with the HL-LHC project office, the progress reporting as well as the documentation and implementation of scope, cost or schedule changes.