WP14: Beam Transfer & Kickers

WP14: Beam Transfer & Kickers

WP14 has the mandate to review all elements related to the injection and extraction of the beams in view of the HL-LHC project beam parameters and operation mode. Some of the elements will need to be upgraded or replaced to adapt to the increased beam brightness and/or intensity.

A new injection absorber, called  TDIS, will need to be installed replacing the LHC TDI in order to be able to absorb a full injection of 288 bunches with LIU maximum beam parameters in case of an injection kicker failure. An additional absorber will be installed in the vacuum chamber upstream of D1to further protect this magnet against electromagnetic showers from the TDI. A study will evaluate if any modification has to be applied to the TCLIA in point 2 and the TCDDM in point 8 to allow more margin for ALICE and LHCb crossing angles respectively.

An upgrade of the LHC injection kickers MKI is already underway to reduce beam induced heating and SEY.

The compatibility of the LHC beam dumping system with the increased beam intensities of the HL-LHC beams will also be studied. Of particular concern are the dump protection devices TCDS, TCDQ and TCDQM, as well as the impact of the HL-LHC beams on the dump absorber block TDE, the dump line, the dump block entrance window and the dump BTV screens. Studies of the dump absorber block TDE include the dilution pattern and results of the studies might affect the parameters of the dilution kicker magnets MKB.

Any change in optics or beam trajectories in the injection and beam dump regions will be checked for compatibility with the operational range of the injection and beam dump elements and the related absorbers. Both tasks require a close collaboration with WP2.