WP3: IR Magnets

WP3: IR Magnets


WP3 will be responsible of the design, engineering, construction of short models, of prototypes and of series magnets, including spares, of the Insertion Region (IR) magnets.

The WP includes the triplet, separation and recombination dipoles, matching section quadrupoles and relative correctors.

Other adaptations of LHC magnets are included, in particular the Q5 in IR6, the radiation resistant dipoles and quadrupoles in IR3 and IR7, and the additional lattice sextupoles in Q11 around IR1 and IR5.

The mandate includes magnet assembly in cold masses, cold mass assembly in cryostats, and individual testing. WP3 will seek active collaboration with and feedback from WP2, WP6A/B, WP7, WP10, WP12 and WP15.

WP3 will actively collaborate to the HL IT String Test and to the relative data analysis in close collaboration with WP16.

WP3 will also be technically responsible for interconnecting and commissioning the magnets in close collaboration with WP7, WP15 and WP16.