WP1: Project Management and Technical Coordination

WP1: Project Management and Technical Coordination

Work Package 1 is charged with the management and technical coordination of the HL-LHC project and supports the HL-LHC Project Leader, the HL-LHC Work Packages and various collaborations in their pursuit to stay on scope and to reach the project deliverables within budget and schedule.

WP1 communicates project goals and deliverables and sets directions for all contributors across the project, ensuring that safety and environmental responsibility are considered at each level as of the design phase, and followed up during the construction phase, with particular care to radiological effects and long-term exploitation of the machine.

WP1 organizes regular Project Steering Meetings (PSM) with each HL-LHC Work Package in order to monitor and steer the budget and schedule for the overall project. The PSMs are prepared by the HL-LHC Budget office in collaboration with the HL-LHC Project Leader.

WP1 coordinates the technical progress and the project baseline through the Technical Coordination Committee (TCC). The HL-LHC Integration team complements the work of the TCC by analysing and validating in close conjunction with the accelerator coordination and engineering teams the compatibility of the individual HL-LHC components in terms of interfaces and installation sequence in the tunnel areas, considering as well interfaces with the LHC detector upgrade projects. WP1 also includes the Configuration, Quality, Risk and Sourcing office to ensure the installation and endorsement of a strict quality assurance for the project and the preparation of industrial contracts.

WP1 liaises with external stakeholders and ensures, with the support of the HL-LHC Collaboration office, full and effective follow-up of all external agreements and commitments. This includes the dissemination of information and innovation across the project and in particular to industry.

WP1 liaises with the CERN management and ensures effective communication and collaboration with CERN departments and related entities and provides support in the organization of regular Cost and Schedule Reviews of the project.