Education for innovation in Hilumi and FCC

What’s in it for innovators in Hilumi and FCC? Read more: Accelerating News, Issue #24.


Ensuring safer operation at higher luminosities

After several years of engineering and specification work, the efforts now move to the procurement of materials and components for the assembly of the TDIS prototype. Read more: Accelerating News, Issue #24.


A new step towards successful MgB2 superconducting coils

On 7th March the INFN-LASA laboratory completed the construction and successfully tested a superconducting coil in MgB2 (Magnesium di-Boride based conductor) to be used in a high order corrector magnet. Read more: Accelerating News, Issue #24.


The Crab Cavity teams celebrate a key milestone

A festive event took place in the Globe on Wednesday 7th March to celebrate the successful completion and installation of the first cryo-module of the Crab Cavity system project and the newly prepared cryogenic test facility in the SPS.



The new LHC protectors

New kind of collimator developed for the High-Luminosity LHC project, CERN Updates.


A promising first edition!

The first Innovation course organized by HiLumi and FCC in collaboration with CERN Knowledge Transfer group and IdeaSquare took place on January 31 and February 1, 2018 at IdeaSquare.


A bright future for HL-LHC

The 7th HL-LHC annual collaboration meeting in Madrid reviewed the current progress and set the goals for next year, Accelerating News.


From first concept to the SPS: the challenge of the HL-LHC crab cavities cryomodules


Crab cavities will help increase the luminosity of collisions in the High-Luminosity upgrade of the LHC, Accelerating News.



1st HiLumi - FCC Innovation course on 31 January-1 February 2018

The first HiLumi - FCC Innovation course will take place on 31 January - 1 February 2018.


Workshop on the physics of HL-LHC, and perspectives at HE-LHC

This is the kickoff event (30st October to 1st November 2017, Main Auditorium) for a series of meetings, running throughout 2018, with plenary events and intermediate periods of working group activities.